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Minnesota State Rep Warns That Absence of Police Will Lead to Rise of Sharia Law in Minneapolis: Ilhan Omar’s devilish plans are coming to fruition’ – …SHARIA MERGER UNFOLDING – By Adina Kutnicki

This article by the Great Adina Kutnicki appeared first in

The Great, Adina Kutnicki
The Great, Adina Kutnicki

Minnesota State Rep Warns That Void of Police Will Lead to Rise of Sharia Law in Minneapolis: Ilhan Omar’s devilish plans are coming to fruition’ – RED-GREEN MERGER UNFOLDING – By Adina Kutnicki

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Time and again, this investigative journalist and Muslim Brotherhood expert zeroed in on the out-sized dangers of political Islam’s creep-by-creep, stealthy infiltration into America. So much so, a compendium of this heavy-lifting can be found throughout the internet.

More specifically, the imposition of Sharia Law, that is, political Islam’s end-goal, has been exposed at this end for years.


In tandem, Islamist Rep. Omar is a laser focus within — not for nothing. Consider the evidentiary trails here, herehereherehereherehere, and so on and so forth.

All of which brings to bear the raison d’être of ACWR and its prescience, too.

America’s Civil War Rising (ACWR) educates and warns the public about the growing threat of Islamic sleeper cells in America and the unholy alliance forged between Islamic terrorist front groups and fascist communist factions. This has erupted in a violent ideological clash against those who cherish the values and ideals inherent in American exceptionalism and our Constitutional Republic. Under the guise of “resistance,” the so-called “progressive” left has called for an all-out civil war!

Know this: But for the fact that Omar is fronted by the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia (refer to the above evidentiary trails for proof of the same), and supported in full by (MN) AG Ellison —  a Brotherhood “made-man” — well…..

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Minnesota State Rep Warns That Void of Police Will Lead to Rise of Sharia Law in Minneapolis

Ilhan Omar’s devilish plans are coming to fruition.

A Minnesota state representative is warning that the void of police in Minneapolis will lead to the rise of Sharia law, as leftist and Islamist groups work in tandem to destroy the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

Minnesota state Rep. Steve Green said on Tuesday that he sees communism moving into the region, and believes that this will ultimately end with the implementation of Sharia. The cluster of Muslims imported into the area from third-world Somalia due to the federal migrant trafficking program has made this hellish reality possible.

“What you’re looking at, in my humble opinion, is communism moving into Minneapolis and St. Paul,” Green said, adding that ANTIFA groups plan to ally with radical Islamists to “police Minneapolis under Muslim rule,” a.k.a. Sharia law.

Muslim state Rep. Mohamud Noor essentially confirmed Green’s suspicions with an ominous, possibly threatening statement against the rule of law.

“Minnesota is awake. They understand the challenges; they have been hearing the challenges for far too long. And we can’t wait any longer,” he said.

Under the stewardship of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Minneapolis has become the terror recruitment capital of the U.S. She and her daughter have fanned the flames of the riots that have turned the city upside down following the death of drug addict serial felon George Floyd.

Big League Politics has reported about how Omar has cheered on the cultural revolution aiming to transform America into a socialist dictatorship through mob violence:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her daughter are pushing for the chaos and mayhem in the streets of Minneapolis, Minn. that has turned the streets into a Somali-style war zone.

Omar has written tweets expressing sympathy for the terrorists in the streets burning down their city due to supposed concerns about police brutality.

Her daughter, Isra Hirsi re-tweeted a message calling for supplies to be brought to assist the terrorist far-left rioters who are turning the streets of Minnesota into a sub-Saharan hellscape.

Minneapolis has turned into an apocalyptic scene with the help of Omar and her daughter. The scenes from tonight’s “protests” should make any decent American want to cry…

This is not the first time that Omar’s daughter has become involved with politics. She has emerged as a leader for the Youth Climate Strike that hopes to bring totalitarian communism to America under the guise of fixing the weather…

Omar and her daughter show that diversity is not our strength and multiculturalism means the death of Western Civilization. The proof is in the Minnesota streets right now.

People who have warned about the rise of Sharia Law and the woes of diversity for years are being proven correct, and the proof is evident throughout the streets of America. The multicultural utopia that liberals predicted open immigration would cause was a falsehood, as strife overruns the nation.

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Yes, 1 + 1 still = 2!!

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The Geller Report, by The Great Pamela Geller

Hey Lib Jews!

Gonna all be dead again, soon, by your Democrat Progressive Liberal Communist Masters?



The real Revlon, or Trayveon---or, Whatever
The real Revlonn, or Trayveon, Raythion—or, Whatever


A founder of BLM in Arabic Scarf---or Whatever -
PATRISSE CULLORS: A founder of BLM, wearing Arabic-Looking Scarf— Palestinian crap, or Whatever –

by JAF, editor

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By The Great Pamela Geller:



By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

Jeffrey A Friedberg - AI Experiment 51
Jeffrey A Friedberg – A.I. Experiment 51

.   ____________________________   .


We are law abiding.

We don’t march, protest, burn down our neighborhood stores, loot, steal, jump on people who disagree with us and beat the crap out of them, or any of that Liberal, Loving, Communist, Equality Bullshit.

We are Conservatives.

We grew up with the daily threat of Rooskies (Russians) tossing a hundred or so atomic and hydrogen bombs our way. We lived with thermonuclear death, 24 hours, every day. We became inured.

Ergo, these little commies in the streets, and these so-called, ANTIFEW, marching, rioting, and torching—they are NOTHING.

They are nothing,  compared to our lives—lived between 1945 and the fall of the old Soviet Union (that would be the Russians) in 1991.

However, the fight to-the-death, for World Domination, only shifted to new grounds. Mikhail Gorbachev, the old Soviet Leader, merely moved into the Global Warming arena, and continued his battle for World Domination, via his “new” organization:


Mikhail Gorbachev
Mikhail Gorbachev


“Back in 1996, the former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev expressed the real truth behind the Global Warming agenda. He said that using climate alarmism could advance the socialist Marxist objectives to restore the power of government.

“He said:

“The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key to unlock the New World Order.”

Essentially, this was revealing what I have encountered many times. You create an emergency and then convince the people they MUST surrender more freedom to be safe.

What Gorbachev was sayings was, in reality, a path to restoring the U.S.S.R.’s economic and political power.”


So, you see, kids, the battle of Communism to control the planet (Earth) never stopped. It merely changed costumes. It went on to foster rampant Leftist “Causes,” und groupen.

The only people “protesting” in that oldtimey era of Soviet (Russian) nuclear threats, were the “peaceniks,” or liberals of the epoch.

They were just as crazed, fearless, and dedicated as Liberals seem today.

But they disguised it better. They MASKED it. They covered it up more, so they would seem more “acceptable.”

Acceptable to you and me. To the average person.

Now, however, the more crazed and rampant a communist seems to be—the better their resume seems to the world mass-media.

To the mass-media, who seem to be Self-Anointed Beloved High Priests of today. Also, to movie stars, teevee stars, entertainers, sportsmen, sportswomen, gays, lesbians, sportswymyn, criminals, convicts, complainers, racists, gripers, moaners, and to all the dumbass others.

How the hell did that happen so fast?

It doesn’t matter.

Nobody is slaughtered. Nobody slaughters the dumbass skanks.

“Protests,” rioting, murders, beatings, and burning Are allowed to continue.

Trump does nothing. He’s too terrified.

Nobody stops it.

At least, not to date.


If you have terrified gun-owners, fearless rioters, and aggression, Then you can have a recipe for disaster. A possible path for murder. A maybe waypoint of death.

Filthy bastards in Australia make fun of this -
“DEFENDING THEIR LIVES.” – Filthy dirty little commie bastards in Australia make fun of this –


A wrong move, a wrong word…a too-fast gesture.

And you then can have a possible, out-of-control, eruption—resulting in “Revolutionary” Warfare, and slaughter in the streets.



Time for the UN to Send the Blue Helmets to America?


Time for the UN to Send the Blue Helmets to America?

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

Time for the UN to Send the Blue Helmets to America?

Source: AP Photo/Sam Mednick

Are Minneapolis, Atlanta, and other American cities about to be put under UN protection, led by UN troops from Ethiopia and Rwanda?

In a rare emergency meeting in Geneva on Wednesday, the United Nations Human Rights Council heard impassioned testimony from Philonise Floyd, the brother of George Floyd. “I am my brother’s keeper. You in the United Nations are your brothers’ and sisters’ keepers in America, and you have the power to help us get justice for my brother George Floyd. I am asking you to help him. I am asking you to help me. I am asking you to help us. Black people in America.” He went on to assert that “Black lives do not matter in the United States,” and that “peaceful protesters were shot and killed by police.”

Floyd is asking the HRC (yes, a funny coincidence) to set up a commission of inquiry into “racism and police brutality” in the U.S., specifically “police killings of black people and America and the violence used against peaceful protesters.” The HRC also has the authority to recommend “measures to redress violations, provide justice and reparations to victims, and hold perpetrators to account.”

Under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the UN can deploy troops to prevent “crimes against peace.” And the UN Department of Peace Operations is charged with planning, preparation, management, and direction of such “peaceful interventions.” Thankfully, the UN has at its discretion thousands of well-trained and highly professional troops from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Pakistan, Tanzania, and China. (Well, maybe not so “highly professional,” there is a long list of scandals involving UN peacekeepers and such things as child prostitution, human trafficking, and other serious human rights abuses.)

The current membership of the HRC is like an FBI Most-Wanted List of the worst abusers of human rights in the world. Afghanistan, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Eritrea, Somalia, Togo, Sudan, and Venezuela are among the Council’s 44 members.  

Now, I have been to a lot of places most people wouldn’t visit, including Syria, Iraq, Chechnya, and Uzbekistan. Oh, and Venezuela. But the other countries on this list? Angelina Jolie can visit because she has local government approval, a well-armed security force, and an itinerary limited to local orphanages. Me? No thanks, I’d like to live a bit longer, and with all four limbs attached.    

Just how bad are things in these countries now sitting in judgement of the United States? Pretty bad. ”Rebels and government troops in Congo have committed atrocities including mass rape, cannibalism and the dismemberment of civilians, according to testimony published on Tuesday by a team of U.N. human rights experts who said the world must pay heed.” The UN report also detailed testimony that “included boys being forced to rape their mothers, little girls being told witchcraft would allow them to catch bullets, and women forced to choose gang-rape or death.” (I am leaving out even more gruesome and horrifying details.)

Let’s take a brief look at some of the other members of the Council. Sudan, where during its “Land Cruiser War” against the non-Arab population in the province of Darfur, hundreds of thousands of civilians were massacred, mass rapes were common, and often child soldiers were sent in to do the killing. Bangladesh, where according to the World Slavery Index, over a million and a half men, women, and children are enslaved. Eritrea, where extra-judicial executions and forced labor are common.

But none of this stops high UN officials from condemning the United States. Referring to Philonise George’s testimony, UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed had this to say: “Today, people are saying, loudly and movingly, ‘Enough.’ The United Nations has a duty to respond to the anguish that has been felt by so many for so long.”

Now, a bit about the honorable Deputy Secretary-General, who is from Nigeria. The journal Foreign Policy reports that “environment group claims Amina J. Mohammed authorized illegal exports of endangered rosewood during her term as Nigeria’s environment minister.” In one of her last days in office, Mohammed signed 2992 export certificates for shipment of valuable but endangered rosewood to China, despite a legal ban on exports. 

This is par for the course in Nigeria, which is listed at No. 146 out of 180 countries in the Transparency International ranking of corruption. And it is well known China spends a lot of money all across Africa. Oh, and in the northern half of Nigeria, the penalty for homosexuality is death by stoning; in the more liberal southern half, it is a mere 14 years in prison.

Now, it is theoretically possible the UN could send Ethiopian and Rwandan troops in a “police action” to “protect human rights” in America. In reality, such a decision would have to come from the UN Security Council, where the U.S. has a veto.

But that is not going to stop the Human Rights Council from conducting an “investigation” and issuing a “report” denouncing the United States for “severe human rights abuses” and “systemic racism,” perhaps even “genocide.” It is beyond obscene that countries like Democratic Republic of Congo feel entitled to stand in judgement of the United States of America.

Sure, child prostitution, mass rape, modern-day slavery, even cannibalism are A-OK. Instead, it is the U.S. that is in the docket of world opinion because BLM activists and various leftists with their own ax to grind are spreading the lie that racism in America is widespread and systemic, and that “police brutality” is commonplace and condoned by white Americans.

It’s shameful. Maybe we should set up a Go Fund Me page to buy air tickets to Kinshasa and a Bantu phrasebook so some of these jokers can go see life in what they imagine is a better and more just world. (And take bets on how long they last, either before scramming home, or ending up on a local menu.)


Boris Johnson – Just Another Cowardly, Empty Suit

When Boris Johnson first became the UK’s Prime Minister, my original opinion was that he would finally see Brexit completed, deal with the migration problem and put the UK back on the right path. Yes, he fooled me too, although given the alternative of a Labour Party with anti-semitic Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson was the best choice available.

It has turned out that the difference isn’t all that much, really. Ye he did getBrxit through, sort of although he’s still going back and forth with the EU.

Bojo has done little or nothing to deal with the UK’s problem with violent migrants. In fact, none other then Nigel Farage has actually filmed the UK authorities allowing boatloads of Muslim migrants shipped across the Channel by France into Britain with virtually no vetting.

Crime in London continues to skyrocket, and Mayor Sadiq Kahn of course has done little or nothing to stop it. Nor have London’s police, who are obviously under orders not to do so. Just recently, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters took a large part of the city apart.

Enoch Powell
In the latest dust up, the mob was allowed by the police to do quite a bit of  beating down on anyone they wanted to as well as a lot of looting and destruction,  vandalizing statues of Queen Victoria, Lord Nelson, one of King James II, George Washington and Winston Churchill as well as a number of historic buildings like the Cenotaph War memorial, The National Gallery,  The police essentially ran away as the mob chanted “Run piggy run.”. Those who attempted to stop the carnage were assaulted by the mob which had no fear of them at all.

And why would they? London’s assistant commissioner for police Anil Kanti “Neil” Basu said he would “probably” have joined Black Lives Matter protests himself if he was not a police officer. That, even though 60 of his police officers were injured by the rioters, some of them quite seriously.

And Boris Johnson’s comment on the vandalizing of a statue of one of Britain’s greatest leaders? “Churchill sometimes expressed opinions that were and are unacceptable today.”

Like perhaps Churchill’s assessment of Islam? Sheer cowardice on Bojo’s part, but this fits in with Mayor Kahn’s new campaign to ‘diversify the landmarks of London.’  And believe,that’s not all that’s being ‘diversified’ in London as well as other cities in Britain.

And remember Boris Johnson’s talking about a new and better relationship with Israel? Don’t bet on it. He’s proved himself to be basically a more sophisticated and smoother version of Jeremy Corbyn.

His latest stunt is to join other hostile EU countries in threatening Israel with sanctions if Israel applies Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and parts of Judea and Samaria where Israeli cities exist..the opposite of what he said before.

MP Crispin Blunt, a member of Bojo’s own party put this together in collusion with something called the Council for Arab British Understanding. There’s no question this was done with Bojo’s consent. Blunt was one of 130 British parliamentarians who signed a letter to Johnson in May urging him to impose sanctions on Israel if it moved ahead with its sovereignty plan.

Bojo’s remarks at question time about this? Here they are:
“I believe that what is proposed by Israel would amount to a breach of international law and we strongly object to it, and we believe profoundly in a two-state solution and will continue to make that case.”
My, my! First of all, Israel didn’t propose this. President Trump did, as part of his peace plan. Sanctions then? Bojo didn’t say yes exactly, but if he let this get that far, he almost certainly would go along with it…some ‘better relation.’
And here’s the irony.
Second, according to international law, ALL of Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank to the uninitiated) belongs to Israel.  And Britain happily signed on to that.
In 1922, Britain, as the  Mandatory Power appointed by the League of Nations decided to ask for permission to divide the Palestine Mandate into two parts, one for a Jewish state the other for an Arab state because they wanted to reward Abdullah, one of the sons of the Hashemite Sharif of Mecca with a kingdom.*

This new treaty,the San Remo Accords was ratified between Britain,the League, the Jews and the Arabs, It stated that the Jews would receive everything west of the Jordan River (22%) and the Arabs would get everything east of the Jordan River(78%). The Brits made sure the new Arab kingdom, named Trans-Jordan was quickly created. After which they went out of their way to prevent the creation of a Jewish state in numerous ways.

The most disgraceful of these was to prevent Jews from migrating to Palestine while allowing unlimited Arab migration. In 1939, Neville Chamberlain, a known anti-semite issued an order not to let any Jews into Palestine at all… at a time when thousands of Jewish refugees who had fled to France and other countries had nowhere else to go. He also appointed a rabid Jew hater and Nazi Ally, Amin al-Husseini as leader of the Palestinian Arabs. During WWII, when Israel’s Jews fought with the Allies, Husseini was in Europe recruiting Bosnian Muslims for Hitler’s armies and translating Mein Kamph into Arabic.

After WWII, when Labour’s Clem Atlee took over, he made the decision to allow Husseini back into Palestine. At the same time, the Brits were still not allowing Jews into Palestine, and even had their own concentration camp on Cyprus for any survivors of the Holocaust they caught trying to get in, and in some cases, they even sent Jews back to the very same death camps in Europe they had been imprisoned in.

In 1948, when Israel declared its independence  the UN recognized it, although  Britain didn’t. The UN also made the San Remo Accords part of its charter, in Article 80.
So according to international law, the area in question all belongs to Israel.
When the Arabs made it very plain in 1948 that they intended a jihad to get rid of the Jews, the UK,  when it pulled out, left a number of strategic areas like the Taggart forts in Arab hands They also armed the Arab nations involved and in the case of Jordan, even sent officers to command them under Colonel John Glubb, a notorious anti-semite. In other words, three years after Auschwitz was liberated, the Brits were aiding and abetting what could have become a second Holocaust.
This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Aside from a few exceptions, Britain has always been an anti-semitic and anti-Israel country in its policies.
As for the two state solution, aside from the fact that’s already been tried and has utterly failed, there is no reason for it since Jordan exists and most of the Arabs who started calling themselves ‘Palestinians’ after the’67 war have Jordanian citizenship, including the so-called refugees, They’ve had it since 1954, courtesy of Jordan’s parliament. And that includes Mahmoud Abbas.
If the Brits want to give these people a country so much, perhaps they should hand them a piece  their country.Why not? Parts of it are already filled with Muslims, there are already sharia courts, more mosques than churches, halal food everywhere, honor killings, sex grooming gangs, acid throwing etc. and the Brits don’t seem disposed to change any of  that.So they’d be right at home.

As for Boris Johnson, he’s essentially just another Theresa May with a penis. He is obviously not the solution to what’s ailing Britain, although it seemed like it at the time.

It’s obvious to me that the solution is more like this.…and I hope the Brits wake up.

* Actually, Abdullah wanted Syria but so did the French, so he was forced to settle, especially since the people in Damascus wanted no part of illiterate Arabs running things after the taste of it they had at the end of WWI.


Rob Miller

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.

A Nazi Collaborator’s Fund is Paying Black People to Call Jews, “White Supremacists”


A Nazi Collaborator’s Fund is Paying Black People to Call Jews, “White Supremacists”

Only a few days after Orthodox Jewish synagogues and schools were targeted by black supremacist rioters and their allies, Shais Rishon, the Content Manager for Bend the Arc, posted a hateful image of an Orthodox Jew in a Klan hood wearing handcuffs and nooses over his Tallit surrounded by text from Jews complaining about Black Lives Matter anti-Semitism and violent riots by the racist hate group.

Rishon accused Jews, who had anti-Semitic slurs shouted at them, seen synagogues defaced, congregants attacked, and stores looted, of “cluck clucking” about the black supremacist riots.

The Bend the Arc content manager had previously defended Farrakhan supporter Tamika Mallory’s slur that Jews uphold white supremacy by claiming….


The Supreme Court confuses mental illness with sex


Photos Herein, selected by JAF IMAGES



The Supreme Court confuses mental illness with sex

On Monday, the Supreme Court concluded that homosexuality and transgenderism are covered under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This post doesn’t have enough space to explain why, legally, that is an incorrect decision. Put simply, the Civil Rights Act does not cover sexual orientation and was never intended to. If Congress wants to change that, it can; it is not the Supreme Court’s role, though, to make that change.

This post focuses only on the fact that the Supreme Court, in Bostock v. Clayton County, wrongly accepted the premise that transgenderism is part of the homosexuality spectrum. It is not. It is a form of mental illness. The Supreme Court has just said that body dysmorphic disorder is protected under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Transgenderism is in the news. J.K. Rowling is under attack for her concern that transgender rights are damaging women’s rights and placing women and girls at physical risk. We also fought the bathroom wars in America, which seem to have ended in a draw.

But what few people talk about is whether there’s any evidence that transgenderism exists – that is, that its scientifically true that people are born in the wrong bodies. I haven’t found any medical or scientific articles saying that’s true. I just find articles assuming that transgenderism is real and that mutilating surgery and drugs that cause sterility, cancer, and heart disease can fix it.

Look, for example, at the American Academy of Pediatrics, the most respected pediatric organization in America. In September 2018, it published a “policy statement” about treating children and youth who think they’re transgendered.

Before reading it, I assumed that, to formulate a treatment policy, the AAP would first establish a foundation for what constitutes transgenderism. Is it a genuine biological issue requiring surgery and drugs intended to harmonize body with mind? Or is it a form of body dysmorphia, a mental illness the treatments for which would include psychiatric intervention and drugs meant to harmonize mind with body? That wasn’t what the AAP did.

Instead, in the first paragraph, the statement asserted that transgenderism is part of the LGBTQ spectrum. That’s wrong. While the former LGB lobby (before Transgender and Questioning hopped on board) may have claimed “baby, I was born this way,” the LGB community was always concerned with behavior, rather than biological identity. Lesbians, gays, and bisexuals know that they are boys or girls, right down to the DNA. Unlike straight people, though, they want their sexual partners to have the same underwear equipment. (Bisexuals are more mellow and will accept any underwear equipment.)

The AAP, however, asserts that there is no meaningful distinction between people’s sexual orientation (a behavior) and their gender (something that, until the “transgender” lobby got involved, was a biological issue).

Read through the AAP article, and you’ll see it’s entirely premised on the assumption that sex is assigned at birth, but gender is a “choice.” There’s no science here. There is pure activist babble, right down to calling people who conform to biological norms “cisgender.”

What’s most disturbing is that the AAP policy statement doesn’t rely on scientific studies to support this gobbledygook. Instead, it concludes its definitional word soup by pointing, not to a scientific publication, but to The Gender Book:

(For more information, The Gender Book, found at, is a resource with illustrations that are used to highlight these core terms and concepts.)

The Gender Book is a comic book. Activists wrote it. None of them are (or pretend to be) scientists. It’s a cute book – but there’s a lot wrong with the AAP using it as the starting premise for its public policy statement.

Transgenderism is a form of body dysmorphic disorder, just as surely as anorexia is. The current approach is comparable to taking a girl presenting with anorexia and saying that, because of politics, she should go on a diet and get stomach stapling surgery.

I have nothing but pity for those unhappy people who feel as if they’re in an alien body. I also suspect that the preponderance of men with this problem is because the left has successfully removed men from American families, causing boys to over-identify with their mothers.

Whatever the reason for the uptick in transgenderism, it’s not about sex. It’s about a specific mental illness. To give it protection under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 places an untenable burden on American businesses (and, inevitably, on the American military). We need a Republican Congress to revisit the 1964 Civil Rights Act and claw back the Supreme Courts overreach.


The Geller Report, By Pamela Geller, Today

AP Photo/Alex Brandon
AP Photo/Alex Brandon
Adolph Hitler - "Gestures: Poses of a dangerous populist fantasist." -
Adolph Hitler – “Gestures: Poses of a dangerous populist fantasist.” –


The Geller Report, by Pamela Geller, Today