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Vassar Bushmills

The album was entitled #16, (1963) and inspired by none other than John F Kennedy, a Democrat.

Go Figure

It was the last album of theirs I ever bought.

I wonder if the words will work today?



ICYMI from Vassar

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Vassar Bushmills

Over Easter weekend my wife and I watched a half-dozen Easter and Passover-themed films. Among them was the 1968 film “Shoes of the Fisherman” which actually laid out the then-current state of liberalism in Hollywood. The Catholic Church, played by Anthony Quinn, as it’s new pope, agreed to give away the Church’s entire wealth; land, reliquaries, art, cash, in order to feed the starving millions of a failed Marxist experiment in China, in order to avoid a war with what Liberals viewed at the time as a stable Marxist experiment in the USSR, played by Sir Laurence Olivier as its General Secretary. America was only a bit player in this drama, but still portrayed as interventionist because of our role in Vietnam, which was depriving China of its rice bowl. In shorthand, if a China-USSR war turned into a world war, it would be America’s fault, which has been a continuing Liberal chant since Ike.

If you weren’t alive in ’68, there are some things you wouldn’t have known, namely that Maoist China and the USSR actually were bitter rivals, with regular firefights along their shared border. I was a newly commissioned infantry lieutenant and we knew.

The theme of this film wasn’t war, however, but on the fantastical notion that the Liberalism of the 1960s should still willingly give its own money away to cure cataclysms such as famine. That noble sentiment would soon die, however, as LBJ cured Democrats of this delusion with his Great Society plan, in favor of the socialist notion that using other peoples’ money was less painful to give away, in fact, even profitable for the middleman.

In 1968 Hillary had not yet drawn the attention of Saul Alinsky, Cronkite had not yet declared the war in Vietnam lost, but American liberalism in Hollywood was already in its thirtieth year of its love affair with Soviet Marxism…only, as the next 30 years would prove, it never fully fathomed the darker side of its lover,, and the role extraordinary cruelty would have to play in holding onto power once all its other schemes have failed. As they invariably do.

Democrats are rehearsing for that eventuality now.

Hillary’s class blamed the failings of Soviet communism on the coarse Russians which held it. Hillary’s class could have done much better. In her class’s scheme, all Marxism needed was the steadying hands of a super-educated, insulated, spoiled rotten class, like Hillary and Barack, who could manage the administration of a multi-trillion dollar economy almost as well as it could their own personal checking accounts.

This was the original “separate reality” of the Left that has spawned all other separate realities ever since. It was predicated on the notion that their class was not a small but exclusive moon orbiting our “free and independent” planet, but rather America’s sole source of light and heat. Our sun.

(Trust me, that was an easy sell to Hillary’s class.)

Over the next 30 years since the Clintons the ruling class lost sight of the most significant difference in the two realities, size, or that even people of ordinary sense would ever notice it.

By 2016 we did.

Today, back on horseback, constitutionally in charge again, while they are now afoot, this has been our first clear look at the America landscape since the Liberals-cum-Left began trying to lay it bare in the 90’s[…]

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Russia Collusion Peddlers Will Turn on Each Other—Trump 2020 Adviser Steven Rogers


Communists, their co-conspirators in the global media complex guided by the deep state, appointees of Obama under Barack Obama’s instruction and comrades in both Houses of Congress, John McCain, Jeff Flake, fellow NeverTrumpers, the DNC and Hillary Clinton, et al.,  conspired against the 2016 Republican Party presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.  Their allegations (a) Russia collusion during the 2016 presidential campaign with Vladimir Putin.

When Plan A failed after candidate, Trump against all odds won the 2016 presidential election, Plan B was launched.  That is where false allegations of Russia collusion, the fake Christopher Steele dossier and eventually obstruction  (also false) were put into play, endgame of which was  (is) the termination of the Trump presidency, annihilation of the Trump name, organization and entities.

Let’s be honest; endgame of which was and continues to be the the final nail in the coffin of the American dream for every American, little boy and little girl.  They failed.


Traitors to the Republic underestimated President Donald J. Trump as much as they over-estimated Robert Mueller; and with the appointment (just in time) of Attorney General, Robert Barr, the findings, rather lack thereof of the Mueller Report, results of which exonerated and vindicated President Trump to the dismay of the facilitators of the failed coup sending power-hungry totalitarians even further over the cliff.

Swamp rats were exposed after lying to the world, even worse to American voters, for nearly two years about the 2016 presidential election, followed by another two years plus of false allegations, fake narratives, fake news, fake dossiers including the fact that there was no Russia collusion between President Trump and Vladimir Putin has been exposed.


It is a matter of time until those who conspired against the 45th president of the United States and the Republic begin to scatter like rats fleeing New York City’s sewer system a few years back during Hurricane Sandy.

The only Russian collusion is between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and yes, Joe Biden, members of the Obama administration including the likes of Robert Mueller among others and Putin.  Let’s not forget the Ukraine.

Question:  Who do you think will fall on their sword(s) to save Barack Obama?

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Congressman Lee Zeldin Rips Anti-Semite, Ilhan Omar, on House Floor (video)

The three stooges (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar) in the House of Congress are the gift to cowering Republicans that keeps on giving.  Kudos to Congressman Lee Zeldin for daring to go where Kevin McCarthy among others are too spineless to go.

Published on Mar 11, 2019 by GLOBAL News

Watch congressman gets up and rips rep. Ilhan Omar to shreds! Omar’s worst nightmare. Congressman Lee Zeldin and Doug Collins condemns Rep. Ilhan Omar of her “a. n. t. i. S. e. m. i. t. i. c” rhetoric over the past month in light of recent legislation to pass through the House. Should Rep. Ilhan Omar stay on the Foreign Affairs Committee?

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Vassar Bushmills

Three men, standing at the Mexican border, looking south:

Man #1: Mexico Lindo.

Man #2: I don’t see nothin’ so ‘lindo’ about it.

Man #3: Just looks like more of Texas to me.

Man #1: You have no eyes!

(Iconic lines from a film, anyone want to guess which one?)

It’s an interesting history, for by the time the first settlers dropped anchor at Jamestown in 1607, all of South America, Central America, Mexico and what is now the southeast United States, as far north as South Carolina, had come under the dominion of Spain and Portugal.  Mexico was first, when Hernan Cortes subdued the Aztec king in 1519. Columbia, Venezuela, Peru, all the way down to Argentina soon followed. Brasil was captured by Portuguese which only made a difference in the tongue that would be the national language and the customs that would be adopted in their civil administration.

All of South America was Spanish for all intents and purposes.

And all of this territory was under the jurisdiction of the Spanish Catholic Church.

This is significant for a pecking order had emerged in the early Church that next to Rome, where Peter was crucified, the English, Spanish and French churches were ranked in order of firsts; England, interesting enough because the first above-ground church was built there in the 1st Century, by none other than Joseph of Arimathea, so legend says. France came next because it was where Mary Magadalene purportedly built her church, near Marseilles. And third, Spain, where St James is said to have been buried, although he is also purported to be buried (at least his head) in the Armenian Church in Jerusalem after being beheaded by Herod Agrippa. (I know its confusing, and that is exactly what makes the 1st Century so interesting…you can’t come up with conclusive evidence about anything, yet you still know many definitive, historical things had to have happened.)

So none of these stories can be confirmed by eyewitness accounts, but no matter, at the time of the infusion of English Protestants onto our part of North America there was a French colonial empire, under the auspices of the French Church to its north (Canada) and the Spanish Church to its south, from the Rio Grande to the tip of the continent.

Both empires were headed by hereditary kings who on their face were extremely pious, with a Church prelate at their left hand steering virtually every decision, such as the 1588 assault by the Armada of Phillip II, against Elizabeth  II, for the specific purpose of restoring the Church and driving out the Protestant heretics, …some of whom, 20 years later, would begin to settle on what are now American shores[…]

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Mexican Illegal Alien Detained for Burglarization of Two Department of State Bldgs.

On January 3, 2019, the security of two Department of State buildings, one in Washington, D.C. and the other in Virginia were breached.  The culprit during the burglary is alleged to have reportedly stolen 53 electronic devices, including 44 cellphones. The stolen articles consist of government-owned devices as well as privately-owned devices.

Arlington County Police Department has arrested and detained, Joel Enriquez-Bueno, age 42, an illegal alien and felon who has been deported more than once.

While very little is being said about the breach in security that occurred in Washington, D.C., the Department of State offices in Arlington houses the State Department’s Office of Personnel Security and Suitability responsible for the handling of  personnel security clearances for DoS and other federal agencies along with the State Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

What are we not being told?

Timing is suspect since Progressive bureaucrats and their comrades in the media and talking heads pushed the narrative during the shutdown that all 800,000 federal employees had been furloughed thus giving the impression that offices were closed presenting the perfect opportunity.

While the suspect may have expected sparse security at both locations due to the shutdown, the Department of State’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, responsible for “protecting property as well as lives,” as reported by the Washington Post remained fully staffed.  At the same time, it is an extremely bold approach for anyone to breach the security of two Department of State buildings on a Thursday morning around 9:30 a.m.

So how did the thief gain entrance in the first place?

Enriquez-Bueno is alleged to have piggy-backed in on someone else’s security as that individual entered the premises of the Arlington location after which he made his way to an “upper floor-suite” where the devices were stored.  How much further into either of the buildings the suspect got has not been revealed.

Shortly after the breach, law enforcement officers from the Arlington County Police Department tracked Enriquez-Bueno to a restaurant where he allegedly attempted to sell the stolen items. According to law enforcement, all items were recovered with the exception of a pair of headphones.

Enriquez-Bueno who has no known-fixed address has been charged with “grand larceny, grand larceny with intent to sell, breaking and entering, and giving a false identity to police.”

Suspect, Enriquez-Bueno = Proof Positive of Mexico Not Sending Their Best.

Poster-Child and Justification of urgent need to BUILD THE WALL

While not much is known of these burglaries, what remains clear is that as President Donald J. Trump has said repeatedly is that “Mexico is not sending their best.”  They are not and if reports are true, the timing of the burglaries and locations allegedly targeted by Enriquez-Bueno may point to something far more sinister.

In spite of the many questions that remain unanswered, according to a Department of State’s spokesperson, “We continue to meet security staffing requirements.”  Except, of course, Americans know better.  Case in point, Hillary Rodham Clinton cellphones and emails. (One example of hundreds (maybe thousands) courtesy of Judicial Watch, “Clinton Emails with Petraeus Reveal Her ‘BlackBerry Blues;’ Clinton Tells Then-CENTCOM Commander to Use Her ‘Personal Email Address’.” The Podesta emails?  As reported by everyone, “Assange: Podesta’s Password Was ‘Password’.”

What’s my point? 

Security staffing requirements is one thing, adhering to them, another.
My other point? Those in government who are entrusted with classified information play fast and far too loose with the keys to the kingdom.

Is U.S. Department of State Burglary suspect a known Mexican Illegal Alien?

In an email received Thursday, Founder of Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC, Steve Salvi, who has conducted “immigration policy and national security research” for nearly two decades is calling for the further investigation by federal officials of how such a security breach was allowed to have occurred at these two locations.

Salvi, if correct, believes that “Joel Enriquez-Bueno is a convicted felon and has an arrest record dating back to 2003.” 

Is Joel Enriquez-Bueno, the illegal alien now detained in Arlington County Detention Facility the Joel Enriquez-Bueno referenced by Salvi who was charged with “violating Section 1326 of Title 8 of the United States’ Code in a criminal complaint” in 2016? [Title 8 U.S. Code § 1326. is the Re-entry of removed aliens during a criminal trial]

According to Salvi, Section 1326 offenses generally relates to aliens who have previously attempted illegal entry into the U.S. and or previously removed from the U.S. by the Department of Homelands Security. He said that Enriquez-Bueno had already been removed from the U.S. four times according to federal court records.

“Any breach of security is bad. If State Department security was breached by a foreign national, it doesn’t get worse. This breach could have resulted in espionage, a shooting, or bombing in addition to theft of devices that may contain sensitive if not classified information.”

“This should be a wake-up call not only for State but those who also oppose border infrastructure, call to abolish ICE, and create sanctuaries for criminal illegal aliens like Joel Enriquez-Bueno. ”
“It’s time our public officials stop ignoring the lessons of 9-11 and take homeland security and immigration law enforcement seriously,” said Salvi.

Clearly, we have not heard the end of this.

Below is the Criminal Complaint from the Western District Court of Texas, El Paso Division along with the Judgment.

Criminal Complaint of United States of America vs. Enriquez-Bueno, Joel; Filed January 19, 2016

Judgment in Criminal Complaint of United States of America vs. Enriquez-Bueno, Joel; Filed June 9, 2016

H/t R. Trent.

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Vassar Bushmills

In 2010 I began thinking about what a million-citizen March on Congress might look like, if citizens without gawky hats might actually want to scare the bejeezus out of those people found there. No trash, no foul language, no shooting moons, or pornographic placards…

… just a mean look in our eyes.

And no warning, an idea given to me from an old friend, RoguePolitics, who has now gone onto serious politics.

Wouldn’t that be nice if it weren’t announced? Rogue told us how it could be done, maybe a thousand cars suddenly parked in the road and along the side of the road, at least 10-15 deep stopping all traffic coming into the District. Drivers just park their cars, lock them and then walk to where there will be waiting busses.

The marchers will be picked up by fleets of busses to drive them the those last few miles, off-loading still a half mile away where they can then march on the city, with this music still in their heads,

This isn’t about the logistics, which is doable, by the way. I’m just writing about the kind of face we want to put on, and what sort of music people would need to have their jaws set the proper way, on that last slow drive to the staging area.

Should that million be thinking snappy tunes like “Yankee Doddle” or more sober songs like “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” or a dirge like the Slaves Chorus from “Nabucco”/Song of Liberty, (included below)?

Should people look like they were walking their favorite coon dog out to the woods to put him down because he was old, going blind and could no longer eat[…]

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